Couple Testimonial

“It is nearly four months since our last appointment with you. We’ve now had some time to embed the things we learnt in the sessions with you and it feels timely to say a HUGE thank you. 

There have been so many things that have been useful. We are very grateful for your time, expertise and the safe space you created for us. It has/is having a huge impact.” 

Couple Testimonial

“My partner and I would like to thank you for your help and support in getting our relationship back on track. You put us both at ease during the first and subsequent sessions, having never had any sort of therapy before this was extremely important to us both. You created a place for us to talk where we both felt listened to and we were able to explore issues we had previously not been able to.

We continue to move forward and are confident we can now face what life throws up as a team. ““

Individual Testimonial

“I started to work with Victoria when I was feeling very lost. The onset of the menopause left me feeling anxious and unable to trust my own decisions, alongside horrible mood swings, and my relationship seemed to be falling apart. Victoria helped me through these turbulent times, offering kindness, a complete lack of  judgement, whilst challenging  my negative thought patterns when needed. She has a vast knowledge of techniques and exercises that she shares, with an uncanny knack of knowing just what is needed and when. She offers a safe space to explore difficult feelings and no matter how uncomfortable the session can be, there has always been a shared smile too. Everyone should have a Victoria in their life!”