Frequently Asked Questions

Is counselling right for me?

The initial session is an opportunity to explore this. We will discuss how we will work together, e.g. the number of sessions, confidentiality, fees and any questions or concerns you may have. You will also have the chance to talk about the circumstances that bring you to counselling and your hopes and expectations.

At this point there is no commitment and you can take time to think about continuing with counselling. What have you got to lose?

What happens in counselling?

I endeavour to create an environment where you will feel at ease and able to be part of a collaborative process. Not a patient/doctor type of relationship, but one where I have expert knowledge of relationships but you are also respected as being expert in your relationships. I ensure you are informed about the counselling process and given opportunities to give feedback as to what is helpful and useful for you. Therapy can sometimes feel challenging and there maybe times where you feel outside your usual comfort zone but I try to make sure you feel supported and safe within the counselling environment. 

Do you offer online counselling?

Online counselling is possible, it can be offered as solely online or in combination with face to face counselling. 

What about timings?

Sessions are usually weekly and last for 50 minutes. It is possible that session may be less frequent especially as therapy is coming to an end. I try to offer regular weekly slots, but understand that people have busy, complicated lives and will always try to be flexible where possible. I offer both daytime and evening appointments. 

How long will I have counselling for?

It is very difficult to put an exact number on the amount of sessions you will need. Everyone and every situation is different. Some people only have a few sessions, others may need longer term support. I would generally advise that we meet for an initial session and see how we get on; from then on we can plan for six further sessions with regular reviews. Planned endings are always preferable but of course you can finish counselling whenever you wish; breaks in counselling are sometimes useful too

What if I miss an appointment?

Should you need to move an appointment I will try to accommodate you where possible. If there is a cancellation at short notice (within 48 hours) you will be liable to pay the full session fee. 

What does it cost?

My fee structure is available on request. Fees are payable in advance by cheque, bank transfer or cash payment. I have a limited number of reduced fee slots available in circumstances where counselling would otherwise not be possible.